Wedding Photography information guide 



Do you have an Assistant/Second Shooter?

Adam and Brittany are your wedding photography team! That means two photographers… When we believe it is necessary, we include an assistant at no extra charge!

Do you meet with us?

We always try to meet with our couples in person at least once, but it doesn't always happen!  If not, we usually have a Skype or Facetime consult before the wedding to make sure that we are all on the same page!

Do you give digitals or do we have to order prints?

With our coverage packages, we give you all the digital files, edited, and in high-resolution.  You will get a print release attached to your gallery invite. We also take the time to show you wedding albums, wall art and photo book options that we believe complete the fairytale wedding experience you have dreamed of.

How long before the images are ready? 

We begin working on them ASAP because we know that you want to share them with friends and family while your big day is still fresh on their minds.  We typically try to schedule a gallery showing about a month after your wedding day.

Can I give you a shot list? Or do you prefer to have free reign to capture the festivities how you see fit?

We like to have very detailed conversations with a bride and/or groom to help everyone be on the same page about options and realities and criteria for the wedding day.  This could mean just verbally making sure we are all in agreement about everything you want captured and how the day should progress, or it could mean we have a shot list.   Either way is fine, as long as the communication and understanding of what we're doing for you and how we will work throughout the day is there.

Do you provide a contract?

Yes we provide contracts.  A signed contract and a non-refundable retainer are required to save-the-date.

What if you are ill?

If we signed a contract with you, we really really want to shoot your wedding.  It's not our job; it's our passion.  If we are not strapped to a hospital bed unable to leave... we're there.  But if one of us is strapped to a hospital bed and they won't let us leave (this hasn't happened yet), we will provide a substitute shooter, and will reduce the price accordingly.



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