Mara & Jon’s Wedding at Sanders Barn

Where do I start with this incredible couple?!

We met them earlier this year when they came into town to discuss their wedding day dreams and plans with us. Upon meeting this adorable couple, we found out that they’re total Disney fanatics like we are! (Did we just become best friends?!) We easily got carried away on a separate Disney conversation, but I digress. They were funny and easy to talk to, and they’re the type of people you can become friends with real quick!

They planned to get married at Sanders Barn, an overwhelmingly charming barn venue in Andalusia, AL that Adam and I instantly fell in love with as soon as we walked through the doors. It’s a little on the smaller side compared to other barn venues we’ve shot, but don’t let the size fool you, it has a TON of personality! As you walk in through the front doors you’ll see a staircase on either side of you leading up to a loft area where the DJ was. Flowers were wrapped around the banisters giving them a whimsical look. The reception tables were draped in tablecloths in different shades of blue, and placed on top were carnations and baby’s breath along with a card of fun facts of either Mara or Jon.

We got to capture some super funny moments as the girls were getting ready! Mara was putting on her makeup and eating a McDonald’s cheeseburger simultaneously, which is totally relatable! Later, one of her bridesmaids fed her an old candy cane as a last resort to have fresh breath when there were no mints to be found. I loved these moments not only because they were hilarious, but because it was real life!

So, Mara already has long, luxurious hair that I’m totally envious of, but she had it styled in such a way that made her look like Rapunzel!!! She even had flowers in her hair and everything! To top that off, her dress was insanely gorgeous. She literally looked like a floating princess as she walked around in it!

I absolutely loved the ceremony area! A trail led into a slightly wooded area with benches that faced the spot where the bride and groom would stand, the barn behind them. Hanging above were these loops covered in vines, giving off more whimsy. The couple said their “I Do’s” and it was off to picture taking! There are sooo many spots for photo opportunities! We took family formals in front of the barn, and off to the side is a garden area (where we did the first looks with Jon and her dad), and there’s even a cotton field off to the back of the barn where we got sunset photos that are to die for!!

The reception was filled with dancing and food, and instead of a cake they fed each other cupcakes, which was totally adorable! They had a little ice cream station with popular toppings, and opposite of the ice cream was a drink dispenser with some of the best Sangria I’ve ever tasted! (It was actually the first time I’ve ever had Sangria, but still!) We truly enjoyed every moment capturing this wedding. Mara and Jon are a unique couple, and you can’t help but to fall in love with them instantly!

Vendors- Venue: Sanders Barn at Southern Countertop Service // Hair: The Grande Salon & Spa (Ashley Carter) // Wedding dress & veil: Poffie Girls // Nails: Magnolia Jane Nails + Beauty // DJ: SandersSound // Flowers: Global Rose (Mara’s mom put the bouquets together)

All located in Andalusia, AL