Hanna & Justin’s Wedding at Scenic Hills Country Club

This wedding was extra special to Adam and I because it was his youngest sister that got married! So not only did Adam get to photograph his own sister’s wedding, but I had the honor of being one of her bridesmaids! Her sister Rachel was her other bridesmaid, and her best friend Chris was her Man of Honor! Totally loved that!

The day was fast approaching as they planned the wedding and got married in just three months. Sounds like a couple other people I know… *coughAdamandIcough* The day started early with a gift from her future hubby, a box filled with new coffee mugs that said “Mr. & Mrs. Holcomb” on them, and some special coffee to go with it! (Hanna is a coffee fiend, so it was the perfect gift!) He specifically wanted her to open it that morning so she’d have some special coffee to drink. It was the sweetest thing!

I had my very first mimosa (I know, I know, don’t judge me) while we were getting our hair and makeup done at the salon. After we were done there, it was back to the house to finish getting ready! We slipped into our dresses and tux, and Hanna had her mom and her sister help finish buttoning her up. She added the finishing touches and then had a first look with her dad, and the look on his face was PRICELESS! It actually resembled Adam’s expression when he first saw me in my wedding dress…it was kinda weird!

Flash forward and it was time to get married! Justin had been a part of the family for a long time now, but it was about to become official! As soon as I saw Hanna round the corner I immediately looked at Justin, who was overwhelmed with emotion and started to cry. Hanna reacted off of him and started crying, and then I started crying. It was a chain reaction! Even when Adam made his way behind the guests to look straight down the isle at both of them, he took one picture and fell apart! Seeing his baby sister up there staring at her soon-to-be husband was almost overwhelming! Their good friend officiated, vows were made and laughs were shared, and before we knew it, they were husband and wife! It was a short but totally sweet ceremony!

There was a lot of dancing and laughing at the reception, not to mention some good food! Rachel and I were having a ball on the dance floor, that’s for sure! It was SO MUCH FUN dancing with my sisters that night! I also got to dance with Adam too, which never gets to happen! (Because it’s usually both Adam and I behind cameras) But considering I was in the wedding party and the bride happened to be his sister, we were able to dance together! Then, Billie Jean by Michael Jackson came on, and Adam, who loves Michael Jackson and can mimic his dance moves, of course started dancing! (Everyone except Adam knew the song was going to be played, and we all knew he wouldn’t be able to help himself!) To close out the night, Hanna sang ‘Zombie’ by The Cranberries just for Justin because it’s his favorite song that Hanna sings. (I’m married into a very entertaining family, can’t you tell?) And just like that, the day was over. It was such a beautiful thing to stand along side of my sister-in-law and watch her marry the love of her life!


Venue: Scenic Hills Country Club // Wedding Dress & Bridesmaids Dresses: Bridal Suite // Tuxedos: Gent’s Formal Wear // Hair: Kristen Coulter at Clippings Salon // Makeup: Adah Green // Wedding Cake: Publix