Megan and Matt's Wedding at Live Oak Plantation

Live Oak Plantation is one of our favorite venues in Pensacola. So when Megan told us that that’s where she and Matt were having their wedding, of course we were suuuuper excited!

Since they were from out of town, we got to meet them in person at their rehearsal dinner…and boy did we fall in love with them! They both (their families included) had THE BEST sense of humor! Matt was cracking jokes the entire time and was the life of the party. Megan never missed a beat and kept up with his shenanigans by retaliating with witty remarks. They definitely had us laughing all through their wedding day!

Prior to the ceremony, Megan had a first look with both her dad and Matt, so we we able to knock out some group photos of them and the bridal party in the field behind the estate, and get some shots of just the two of them underneath the oak trees on the trail. Both of these locations make for such beautiful backdrops for pictures!

The ceremony was short and sweet, and after they were announced as husband and wife and went in to kiss, Matt threw his hand up in the air like Judd Nelson does in The Breakfast Club! (He verbalized the reference at the rehearsal dinner, so it was awesome to watch him follow through on the big day!) Their guests threw flower petals at them as they walked back down the isle, which I absolutely loved! It was the perfect way to end the ceremony!

The table decor at the reception presented soft and subtle tones. Sheer beige fabric ran from one end of the tables to the other, eucalyptus flowing beautifully on top. Different sized candles were lined along the center as well, bringing the look together. Tables in the center had the same look, but were also accompanied by vases with a beautiful flower arrangement and floating candles, giving it an even more romantic look!

We topped the night off by taking some glamorous bridal shots of Megan on the front stairs of The Cotton House, her train flowing down behind her. It was such a beautiful day from start to finish!