Choosing Your Wedding Details

Detail Shots? better Make it a double!

While I love taking detail shots, I have been on the opposite end. From personal experience to shooting weddings for a living, I know how exciting, yet overwhelming, it can be to plan a wedding. So. Many. Decisions. Am I right?! The details, however small, can play important roles in your over all wedding day. Here’s a few tips to keep in mind while choosing your wedding details!


Your hand held garden

There are so many options when it comes to your bouquet. How in the world do you pick out the style? When choosing flowers and the arrangement style, just keep in mind a few things:

  1. If you’re planning on throwing your bouquet, make sure it’s not too heavy and easy to throw. The last thing you want to happen is one of your “single ladies” getting clocked in the head by a monsterous set of flowers!

  2. This may sound a little obvious, but you want your flowers to go with the over all feel of your wedding. So if you’re having a boho themed wedding, a nosegay bouquet full of brightly colored garden flowers may not exactly be the way to go.

  3. If you’re a crafty individual and decide to DIY, make sure you give yourself enough time to actually make it. So if your’re planning on having a bouquet made out of faux flowers, pins, or paper, and depending on whether or not you’re buying these items online or in-store, you’ll want to make sure you have enough time to return/exchange anything that isn’t the right color, size, shape, etc. Your wedding day is not the time for a Pinterest Fail!


These shoes were made for walkin’! Well, sort of.


The shoes. All over social media you’ll see wedding photos of brides with their dresses pulled up so they can show off what kind of shoes they’re wearing. From sparkling heels to embellished Keds, to colored Converse and cowboy boots, picking what shoes to wear underneath that dress can be overwhelming. When choosing your shoes, keep in mind that you will be wearing these most of (if not the entirety of) the day. So if you’re a girly girl and putting on heels is like second nature to you, then wear those blingin’ heels! If you’re like me and not so much a girly girl, then wear something a little more flat; or at least bring spare shoes to change into later on in the evening (I wore heels long enough to take some pictures and then walked down the isle in flip flops. No one was the wiser!). Whatever shoes you choose, make sure they’re at least comfortable enough to wear for the amount of time you plan on wearing them!


it’s Veil, not Veal


Ah, the veil. To me, it’s the icing on the cake! The cake being the wedding dress, of course! (Did I confuse you? I confused myself.) The veil is what makes your wedding day attire look complete. So you want to pick something that will not only look good in photos, but that meshes well with your dress. Obviously you don’t want a cathedral style veil with a tea-length dress. (Am I over exaggerating? No. Have I witnessed this? Also no. And there’s good reason.)

Sometimes people forget to mention that while all of the extra lace and pearlies and diamonds can add to the look of the veil, they also add to the weight that is all being held up by your hair!


Have your cake and eat it too


What is the most important part of the cake for you? the look? The flavor? The serving amount?

When you’re shopping for your wedding cake, it’s beneficial to consider your desired role you want it to have. For instance, if you’re wanting your cake to be more of a showpiece than anything else, then start looking into places that take pride in being able to get creative on the decorating front.

If you’re not as concerned with how your cake looks, but more-so about hearing the satisfied moans of your guests as they savor each bite, then obviously you want to head somewhere where they are known for perfecting their flavors. (At a past wedding, we tried a raspberry cake with goat cheese frosting. We still talk about it two and a half years later if that tells you how delicious it was!)

You also want to consider the cake-to-guest ratio. You want to aim to have just enough, but not too much… or else you’ll be taking home a bunch of left over wedding cake! (So obviously you don’t want to get a cake that serves 250 people if you’re only inviting 100.) Or you could always go the cupcake route for the ultimate numerical accuracy! Because who can resist cupcakes??


If you know what sits at the top of your list for your wedding cake, make sure that’s where you spend your time and money… Because don’t forget—the groom’s cake can help with some of the factors! I.e. It can have a universal flavor like vanilla or chocolate that will please the masses, or it can help feed people if your other cake was more about show than size and edibility!