Kristina & Zac's Wedding at Live Oak Plantation

Another beautiful wedding unfolded at Live Oak Plantation; a whimsical yet rustic venue that will make your eyes light up!

Considering how busy a wedding day can be, Kristina was one of the most relaxed brides we’ve had! Between makeup, hair, flowers arriving, etc., she was as calm as a cucumber!

Between her and Zac, Kristina had a little more of a wild side, but in the best way! For example, she wanted a picture taken recreating the scene from the movie Bridesmaids where the bride-to-be collapses in the middle of the street whilst shitting herself due to food poisoning… AND I WAS ALL ABOUT THAT IDEA! It was all good fun, and I loved the fact that she wasn’t afraid to go a little out there with her pictures! Zac was a little more on the shy side, but the company of his buddies brought out laughter and a little bit of shenanigans! Him and the guys were definitely a fun bunch to be around!

Kristina’s brother is in the military, so he couldn’t physically be there to watch his sister get married. Zac also had some grandparents who couldn’t be there either. That being said, this is where technology is beneficial, and the only time where it’s an exception to bring out an iPad during a wedding ceremony! Thanks to family members, they both were able to FaceTime their loved ones during the ceremony. Zac walked out and was able to say a quick hello and send his love to his grandparents, all with tears in his eyes. Kristina was able to see her bother while walking down the isle, and he also got to witness the entire ceremony from where he was. It was all so beautiful and heart warming!

Fast forward to the reception, it was time for all the first dances. As some of you may or may not know, Father/Daughter dances always get me because they remind me of my dad’s love for me. Well get ready for this, because the Father/Daughter dance that took place at this wedding had me bawling my eyes out! It started off with just Kristina and her dad, then she motioned for her sister-in-law (her brother’s wife) to come join them! (Her sister-in-law and brother had kind of a destination wedding kind of thing, so she didn’t get a Father/Daughter dance.) And not only that, they also had a card board cut out of her brother so he could be there in some type of way, so technically he made it in for the dance too! And then if that wasn’t enough to make me cry, Kristina’s mom joins in as well! So you have this particular group of family dancing together celebrating marriage, and missing a special someone so much it hurts. Needless to say, I had tears rolling down my cheeks, snot falling out of my nose, and no tissues in my pockets all while trying to hold a light steady while Adam was capturing this very special dance!

It was a wonderful wedding from beginning to end, and a unique one at that!