Niki & Taylor's Wedding

Where do I begin with this beautiful day??

It all started at Lee House Pensacola. 

Niki was upstairs in her room while her gals were getting dolled up downstairs. We usually see all the girls, bride included, all scrunched in the same room trying to get ready, so Adam and I thought that was pretty cool that they were separated; as it gave her the space she needed to start preparing for the day. 

There’s something satisfying watching hair and makeup get done (and I mean that in the least creepy way possible), am I right ladies? It’s quite a process for one thing, and seeing the makeup artist and hair stylist show off their skills and see the end result is a pretty cool thing to experience! Niki’s makeup was the perfect soft touch, and her hair was perfect in every way! 

Both Niki's and Taylor’s rooms were upstairs across from each other, and in between their doors was another door leading onto the balcony, and we just knew we had to utilize that doorway to get a dress shot! However, it was a little tricky considering their rooms were across from each other, so we had to make sure he stayed in his room during the process! Her dress, you guys, was absolutely GOR-GEOUS! It was elegant and classy, with a lacy top and smooth gown. (And she looked absolutely stunning in it!)

This girl had some blingin' details, and quite a bit of them! She also had these incredible cobalt blue heels that were to die for! Decorated with gems all down the heels, Adam and I fell completely in love with them! (We used them in a ring shot later on in the night, too. Ended up being one of my fave detail shots!) This girl definitely had style, that's for sure!

We asked Taylor if he was nervous, and he said he was ready! This day had been long planned, and it was finally time to say 'I Do'!

Right before Niki was supposed to put her dress on, she got overwhelmed with the day unfolding, which is not surprising at all. Wedding days, although exciting, are very busy. There’s a lot going on, especially for the bride, so it’s important not to make her feel any more rushed than she probably already does. That being said, we had no problem reassuring Niki that it was normal for nerves to set in, and told her to take the time she needed; the wedding wouldn’t start without her anyway! 

Her bridesmaids were awesome! We all shared some laughs and all of them were good sports when it came to picture taking! The groomsmen were, of course, hilarious, cracking jokes and making funny remarks.

The ceremony took place in Old Christ Church, which I have never seen the inside of until this day. (Beautiful, by the way!) Happy tears from friends and family filled the room as the couple dedicated their hearts to one another. You could truly see the love they had for each other! 

Then it was off to 5Eleven! This place will always hold a special place in my heart considering it’s where Adam and I got married. Beautiful white fabric draped across the ceiling and gave this rustic venue a splash of elegance! As the guests were dining, the DJ played some songs that they all sang along to passionately!  It was kind of like a formal karaoke, if you will! 

They had a trolly waiting for them at the end of the night, and as we said our goodbyes we snapped a couple of last minute photos with them on board! It truly was a spectacular day from start to finish, and we enjoyed every minute of it!


Locations: Lee House Pensacola / Old Christ Church / 5Eleven

Officiant: Rev. Bryan Adams (Beach Preacher)

Decor/Florist: Supposey 

DJ: Jim Horn Entertainment 

Hair/Makeup: Glow Salon (Meighan / Heather / Melissa)

Catering: Nancy's Catering & Events

Cake: Betty Webber

Rentals: Gulf Coast Events & Rentals

Transportation: 5 Flags Trolley

Photo Booth: The Posey Bus (Supposey)