Dennis and Lacy's Perdido Key Wedding


Where do I start with this completely adorable couple??

Lacy and Dennis had a 10 am wedding ceremony on Perdido Key Beach, right under an archway covered in lavender drapery. Adam and I really loved the purple; we actually haven't seen purple used as a main color in a beach wedding before! It popped nicely against the white sand, that's for sure! As they were saying their vows, Dennis went to brush away stray hairs out of Lacy's face, (because, ya know, beach winds) and she did the same to him; only he playfully swatted her hand away, which made us giggle! 

We got some pretty hilarious shots of the groomsmen holding Dennis horizontally, and of Lacy and her brothers doing the same! All of this was after the ceremony of course, where we also made friends with her sister-in-law. It was definitely a fun and relatable bunch to be around!

After being out in the heat (and boy was it HOT), we made our way back inside Eden Condos for the reception. (A little tid-bit about me: the heat and I do not mix well... so much in fact that even a family member of the bride, who was a nurse, was actually concerned with the possibility of me having a heat stroke because of how overheated I was!  She was kind enough to put a cold water bottle on the back of my neck and made sure I had cold water to drink. BLESS THAT WOMAN! ) Just about all the decor; the flower arrangements, bouquets, table decor, ring bearer pillow, flower crowns, and the card box, (basically everything but the cake/sweets/archway/chairs) Lacy along with her family and friends made themselves... I know, right???

Speaking of the cake, Lacy had told me that she likes "weird" flavored foods, so it should come to no surprise when I tell you her cake flavors were lavender with lemon curd... and boy was it yummy! I love cakes that are out of the ordinary!

Both Lacy and Dennis had fun personalities. They both made each other (and us) giggle, and were super easy to get along with! Once Adam and I were done with our wedding day duties, they invited us to stay and hang out for a bit. Lacy and I ended up sitting on the couch talking about nonsense things that we totally related on, such as this generation's slang, and how awkward we sound when we try and use it. It was a pretty hilarious conversation! 

Their wedding day was definitely one to remember, and we loved being a part of it!


Cake/Cupcakes/Snickerdoodles: - Bluejay's Bakery

Wedding Dress - Sunday's Bridal

Archway - Your Dream Beach Wedding

HMUA - Arrow Salon (Brittany)

Everything else - Lacy and Family/Friends