Kirsten & Josh's Engagement Photography in Pensacola, FL

Three words: Cutest Goobers Ever! These two seriously had us rolling the entire shoot! 

Their engagement photos took place on their good friend's property in a wooded area which was freaking awesome! They had a big old, beaten up shed that held a lot of antiques, which kind of reminded me of Ariel's cavern full of treasures. (Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?) Right in view was an older Trans Am, and we thought it would be a cool idea to get a few shots of them on the hood. We also utilized the giant wooden doors this place had and got Kirsten and Josh in between them. 

Trying to dodge mosquitoes the size of baseballs, we made our way to this giant trailer that Josh got a little too cozy with. It was actually pretty hilarious! We moved uphill to a house that had been long since abandoned, and decided to (carefully) get them inside it. This place was kind of creepy even during the day, because among the debris, it still had old photos and belongings of the family that once inhabited the house. Creepy with a capital C. 

We ended at a Secret Garden looking area where vines were wrapped around every inch of the gated walls and doors. It actually looked like a big cage, honestly. Pretty cool, none-the-less! 

We loved getting to shoot Kirsten and Josh's engagement pics and had a lot of laughs with them in the process!