Katie & Mark's Engagement Session Pensacola, FL

Don't you love it when you can laugh with your clients? We dooooo! Katy and Mark were no exception to that! 

I really like the way Seville Square looks; it gives off that rustic downtown city vibe. A great place to take pictures, in my opinion. Adam usually gets frustrated because of how many cars that can end up being in the background (which I get, but sometimes it doesn't look as bad as he thinks it does) but I think, depending on the setting of course and how it actually looks in camera, that having a few cars in the backdrop brings out city life in pictures. 

Anyway, back to Mark and Katie! They were so cute together, making each other laugh and nuzzling one another so effortlessly. Them being so comfortable in front of us actually made our job a little easier, and they came off more natural than posed, which is something we aim for with all of our couples!

Shooting them was like shooting friends; comfortable and familiar. They just had that way about them! Katie will actually comment on our posts on social media, and sometimes we'll end up having a little conversation in the comments. I love that! 

Adam and I love connecting with our clients and forming little friendships along the way.