Styled Shoot at Live Oak Plantation

Our styled shoot was taken on the grounds of a absolutely stunning wedding venue known as the Live Oak Plantation, located right here in Pensacola, FL. This particular venue has a whimsical, yet romantic feel to it, the chandeliers and windows hanging in the trees being some of the first things that immediately catch your eye.  You walk onto this property and are almost in an instant gaze, taking in all the beautiful surroundings.

We wanted our shoot to have a rustic-boho kind of vibe, so with the help of Two Times A Lady, Sunny Days Party Rentals-Wedding and Vintage Decor, Bonne Vie Specialty, and of course Live Oak, we were able to make that happen!

Sunny Days provided beautiful outside furniture and extra props, including paint chipped lanterns and a tattered dresser accompanied by glass bottles with wildflowers in them on top, giving us just the right touch of rustic and boho. 

The dress, in my opinion, was meant to be! Adam and I went shopping at Two Times A Lady, where we've actually bought most of our wedding dresses. (Side note: It's really funny to watch my husband try and shove a poofy wedding dress or two into the trunk of the They have a wide selection of wedding dresses, but my heart wasn't setting on any one dress in the size we needed it in. I was about to settle on a dress that was pretty, no doubt, but wasn't exactly what I was looking for, until... (enter treasure chest item music from The Legend of Zelda here) there it was! Squeezed tightly in between other marshmallow thick wedding dresses was this long, slim, intricately beaded dress with gold beaded short sleeves. It was PERFECT for the look we were going for! Snagged that beauty in an instant!

And, as fate would have it, the dress fit the model perfectly! (Kind of like Cinderella and the glass slipper, if you will.) She also brought a cute little crown with flower buds on it giving it that little extra sprinkle of boho!

As long as we were being careful and responsible, we pretty much had full range at the venue. That being said, we took a vintage black settee out of a building on the property called The Cotton House (which I got a kick out of given our last name), and used that sucker to our advantage, of course. (The Bride's getting ready area is located in The Cotton House, by the way, and is completely gorgeous in every way possible. Like, I wanted to live in there and be fancy.) Just outside the house is a swing covered in flowers, casting a dreamy and whimsical spell on you while realizing you've only seen something like this in storybooks and bridal magazines.  Needless to day, we utilized it as well!

Bonne Vie Specialty provided the cake; naked. (The cake was naked, not the baker.) The naked look of course blended in beautifully with the whole rustic-boho theme. She also added some of the wildflowers brought in by Sunny Days onto it, which was pretty much the cherry on top of the cake. Pun intended. And not only was that cake a feast for the eyes, but it was also just a feast! A freakin' delicious one too, and we got to take a good portion of it home! My boys and I had nooo problem in the snack department over the next few days!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped make this shoot possible! We enjoyed shooting at Live Oak and all its beauty, and working with the vendors that were able to come out and provide their stunning services! 

Venue: Live Oak Plantation

Outside Furniture & Props: Sunny Days Party Rentals-Wedding and Vintage Decor

Wedding Cake: Bonne Vie Specialty

Wedding Dress: Two Times A Lady