Rachel & Kevin's Engagement Session Pensacola, FL

When that flight-suit and that red dress came traipsing down the street, it was kind of like walking right into a vintage 50's film. We just had to take this cute couple straight over to some outdoor table and chairs and get that classic feel! We started off simple; them holding each other's hands, him kissing her hand, and them just talking and giggling with each other. 

Next up? "The White Wall" (which is really just part of an older white building of which I should probably know the name of considering I live in Pensacola, but here we are). We sometimes take advantage of this spot to get a more rustic feel if the couple so desires. I really love this wall because as simple as it may be, if the couple's wearing the right colors, they can pop out quite nicely! Her red dress is proof of that!  Here we went a little more the traditional route with posing, also throwing in a classic dip. 

Not too far from the white wall is a quaint little court yard area where we decided to play around a little more with the posing. Kevin helped her up onto a brick column and closed into her. Here and there they would make each other laugh, which in turn made for excellent opportunities to capture a few candids during the process, which is something we aim for...  Because who doesn't love a good candid, right?! And how cute they were was pretty ridiculous, you guys!

The day that started out being somewhat sunny soon turned into grey skies and rain. (Typical Florida weather. Sorry vacationers!) 

While we do like some badass clouds in the background and were able to get a couple of shots in before the rain really hit, we also wanted our clients to be satisfied with their experience. In this case, due to the mixture of the humidity, rain, and salty air, the mood for having their picture taken was pretty much killed, which was understandable. And ladies, we all know what humidity can do to our hair! Although they would've stuck it out and went through with the shoot, we knew they wouldn't have enjoyed it... or loved the outcome of their pictures for that matter! So we all came in agreement to postpone the second half until we got some clearer weather...

And boy did that pay off!

We were able to catch some killer sunset colors... like it literally looks like the sky was painted! Those pinks, purples, and oranges stuck out something fierce, just like the love they had for each other!