Leah and Josh Pensacola Beach Wedding

For most people, Fridays are the day to cap off a crazy work week...but for us, it was wedding time! We headed out to the Sunshine House on Pensacola Beach where Leah and Josh got married surrounded by their loved ones.  We knew the moment we arrived this group was going to be a lot of  fun! It's nice to instantly be able to laugh and have a good time with everyone, as it makes everything a little less awkward for the whole group...especially when we have to photograph all the happenings!

It was such a lovely, quaint little wedding that took place by the poolside of the house, where whimsical flowers and white paper lanterns were draped along with the ever romantic stringed lights. Giant white flowers with gold glitter were placed beautifully in the pool which flowed well with the rest of the decor.  It's always awesome to see a location space that is normally reserved for something completely different turned into a beautiful spot to have a wedding ceremony!

 Once the ceremony was over, we headed down to the beach to do some bridal party portraits... and boy was it bright and windy! (Shocker for beach weather, right?) The guys actually came prepared with sunglasses, so of course we had to make sure we got a few fun pics of them with them on!

We soon walked back to the beach house to capture cake cutting and the mingling of friends and family. Since there wasn't going to be a planned first dance, we decided to take them back to the spot where they had their ceremony and let them dance alone while we quietly snapped away.  It was an intimate moment between Leah and Josh as they locked eyes and silently danced, the night coming to a close.

-We couldn't believe how fast the time went, and we absolutely loved every minute of it!-