4 Questions You Must Answer Before You Say Yes to the Dress

Choosing your dress is easily one of the most important aspects of your day. It is also one of the most nerve-wracking, because let’s face it… aside from you and your future husband, it’s probably the star of the celebration! I mean think about it— this determines how you look in photos that your grandchildren will see! (No pressure!) You also have that whole "groom seeing you for the first time" thing going on. While this may seem like a daunting undertaking, it can be one of the most fun and most rewarding experiences of the whole shebang. So here are a few things to consider that may help your search for that ever elusive perfect dress, turn into a confident purchase!

Will this work with my venue?


If you have a type of venue in mind for your wedding, make sure that it makes sense with the style of dress you are wanting. While gowns of all different shapes, sizes and fabrics can be found at various venues, it always looks the best when there is a cohesiveness between them.

Not to mention, a silky white semi-sheer dress on a sunny, windy day at the beach is not conducive to a fun walk down the isle.  And a huge ballgown with a cathedral veil, while gorgeous, doesn't exactly scream “boho”.  Sometimes going outside the norm is great, and it's even become a trend to oppose tradition in weddings, but there's a difference between not thinking or preparing and purposefully doing something that is uniquely you!

Can I move the way I need to, as long as I will need to?


Obviously, we all know that for the sake of their big day, most brides are willing to forego a few physical comforts in order to have those picture perfect memories and images.  But believing you can try to stand in your dress for 8+ hours if it won't let you sit down may not be what you want… And it definitely isn't what you need! If you plan on having the tight fitting mermaid gown that doesn't give much movement, try not to plan on having it on 3 hours before you ceremony even starts. It's just that much longer you'll have to have it on and deal with being uncomfortable! If you are getting married on a hilltop and must do a little climbing, keep that in mind and see if it’s possible with your dress before you buy it! Or, if you have the budget for it, you can always get a reception dress!

Will it become the fad of yesterday leaving all of my pictures dated?


Is your dress timeless? We have all looked at an album of pictures from previous decades and instantly seen the look of the times.  It immediately takes our attention away from the intent of the images and usually evokes more laughter than inspirational emotion.  It's not to say that any one type of gown or dress style is timeless, and it's not to say you can't get something that is "in style" at the moment and still have it be beautiful years from now when your kids see it.  But there's a difference in an amazing dress that has characteristics from current fads, and a dress that is just following the fads!  So unless you intend on having a laughing fest with your kids and their friends when you pull out your album 15 years later, I suggest taking the time to research and find what fits you and your wedding and not just what fits the trends!

Does it Fit My Body Type?


Most of us ladies have that dream dress in mind when we go look shopping for our wedding dress. A lot of the time, the dress we have our heart set on we found in some bridal magazine or wedding website. But what if our dream dress doesn't look as good on us as it does on the model in the magazine? What then? When searching for your wedding dress, keep in mind your body type. If you have broad shoulders, then you might want to steer clear of strapless dresses, as they draw attention to the chest/shoulder area. If you're plus sized, a mermaid styled dress may make you look more frumpy than curvy. If you're slender and don't have much curve to your body, then something more loose fitting would definitely hide what little shape you may have.  Whatever you're body type may be, I promise there's a wedding dress out there waiting for you. Just talk with your wedding dress consultant; ask them questions, tell them your concerns. Given their profession, nine times out of ten they'll be your best bet for knowing what will look best on you!

So there you have it, 4 things that we believe every bride should ask of their dress before they say Yes! Not only will it help ensure your pictures are as gorgeous as we know they can be, but it will leave you comforted, that as trends change and the looks of weddings move on, you won’t be left feeling like you fell for a bad fad!