Things your wedding photographer shouldn’t do

I have been fortunate enough to work with great photographers who are truly passionate about what they do. There is no question that they genuinely care about the imagery, and the couples getting married. But that doesn’t mean that everyone out there who grabs a camera and works some marketing magic on Facebook and Instagram actually loves doing this!

So what are some concerns or red flags that should alarm you to photographers who maybe jumped into the art of weddings a little to haphazardly? If you have witnessed or hear from others about some of the following, take caution and ask enough questions to make sure you don’t fall prey to poor workmanship during your big day! Unless you are specifically looking for someone that does these things it would be better on you to find a photographer who doesn’t try to:

Interrupt any of the important moments to adjust or pose!


No lie, it happens. The middle of a speech, the photographer walks up and maneuvers the toaster. The maid of honor hands the bride something special and sentimental and the photographer makes them move over or turn while she's starting to get emotional and cry. 1st dance… goes up and rearranges the couple and gives them instructions.


Be rude to guests or other people involved in the wedding

Photographers have to do crazy things sometimes in order to make sure they get the shot, but that shouldn’t include being rude. Knocking people over un-apologetically. Not being polite and respectful. There’s no excuse for it. We sometimes have to move people out of the way. We have had to cut short guests’ own little mini photo sessions in order for the bride to get the professional ones she paid for. But there are ways to do things that don’t leave a bad taste in your couples’ or their guests’ mouths.


Keep you waiting too long


Obviously photographers can’t be everywhere all the time. We have gear and other things to load. Battery changes, memory card checks. But that doesn’t mean that your day should be spent waiting on the photographer. Sure, we have to ask people to give us a couple of minutes to set up before they do a main entrance, but we are prepared to do this and do it quickly and the bride and groom and wedding planner know about it. We aren’t just all of a sudden telling the couple what we’re going to do, and then expecting them to wait for us to take our time planning and setting up.


be the center of attention


I love to dance! Brittany and I both love for our couples to feel like we are hanging out with them and not just be some awkward extra body in the room. Being a business, we want people to know about us and spread the word. But none of that is an excuse to try to make any part of the day about us.

Some photographers feel like they want to be one of the guests, or even worse, they start schmoozing and networking with everyone else at the wedding. There’s nothing wrong with making friends and being nice to the guests and family at a wedding. However, trying to be the “life of the party” is taking it a little too far.

Understandably, it may be a little difficult to sift through potential wedding photographers and find out which ones will commit these faux pas, because frankly, what photographer is going to tell you they are rude, or that they like to be the center of attention at your wedding, But it is possible to see red flags and then inquire further about the possibilities that they will.