Ashley's Bridals at Ates Ranch

My childhood BFF got married, y’all!

Ashley and Sean got together around the same time Adam and I did, so after about 7 years together, Sean finally popped the question! She sent me the video one of their friends had secretly taken of Sean proposing, and one of the first things I said to her, after pointing out the fact that she ugly cried (which made me ugly cry, of course) was, “IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME!”

I was so excited for her, and I couldn’t wait to witness my childhood best friend get married! But due to some changes, I was unable to attend her wedding. *cries internally*

However, we were able to take her bridals, meaning I was able to see my Potatoe in her wedding dress, all make-upped and at the venue she would be getting married! (Potatoe has been her nickname since grade school. And yes, I’m aware that it’s spelled incorrectly, but that’s how I wanted to spell it and have always spelled it, so deal with it.) It was actually quite a special experience for me, being able to see her like that prior to her wedding!

And of course, with Ashley and myself in a room together for a couple of hours, there was a lot shenanigans happening throughout the entirety of the shoot… but we wouldn’t have expected anything less! Besides, we got a few candids of her laughing because of my shenanigans, so that proved to be effective!

Anyway, I’m so, SO happy for my Potatoe and Sean! Even though I couldn’t be there on her big day, I felt completely honored to be a part of capturing how beautiful she looked in her bridals!

p.s. Ashley if you’re reading this, I love you! Tell Sean he’s a heifer and that I only kinda like him. ;)