Aaron & DD's Wedding at Southern Lea Farms

This couple, y’all…

Sweet, fun, and down to earth!

This was hands down a beautiful wedding from start to finish. You could see the love they had for each other; it was all over their faces and in their gestures toward one another.

DD looked absolutely gorgeous, and the expression on Aaron’s face when he saw her, you guys… my heart literally couldn’t handle it! It was kind of funny, actually, DD had said that she wasn’t really a crier, but that Aaron was, and let me tell you, it definitely showed when they had their first look! It was the most precious thing!

Inside of the barn on Southern Lea Farms was dimly lit with patio lights, which is my favorite kind of romantic lighting. There was also a gorgeous chandelier in the center, which really brought it all together! Oh, did I mention the groom’s cake was the Death Star?! Aaron also had Millennium Falcon cuff links, which really sent Adam on a nerd high!

To top off the night, they went out of the ordinary and had a glow stick exit! It was kind of tricky given that glow sticks aren’t that bright, but we made it work, and I absolutely adored it!