Michelle and Jeremy's Wedding at the Barn at Water Oaks

Adam was out of town shooting a wedding when I met with Michelle and her mom, so you could say I was a little nervous about meeting our bride alone. However, I quickly learned that her and her mom were totally down to earth! Michelle had this bubbly personality which was totally contagious, and Susan was so sweet and supportive of her daughter. (I fell in love with them instantly!) We started discussing the details of the big day, and let me tell ya, this-girl-was-organized! Michelle pulled out a big, shiny, white binder, and my heart about skipped a beat! (I, too, had a binder when planning my own wedding!) A little further into our conversation, I learned that Michelle is a teacher and Jeremy is a former Marine. They currently work at the same school; the school being where they first met. How stinkin' cute is that?! Jeremy also has a beautiful daughter, who was just as fun as they were!

They were getting married at The Barn at Water Oaks Farm, so Adam and I took a trip there to meet up with Michelle to scout around and discuss further details, and that's when we also got to meet Jeremy in person. This venue, you guys, was B-E-A-UTIFUL! It was filled with antique sofas, burlap, twinkle lights, and there's even a gorgeous chandelier hanging in the center of the main room as you walk in! The venue also has a wide range of land, which we used to take one of the sofas and a rug out (with permission, of course) to use as props for some outside wedding photos. Next to the barn, there's a concrete bunker that has no doors, just tiny windows, which Adam of course crawled through so he could capture an awesome shot of the bride and groom from within! We want to give our clients beautiful and unique photographs that they can look back on years later and reminisce, and that was one of the cool things about Jeremy and Michelle; they totally trusted our vision and let us do our job as photographers. 

This entire wedding was absolutely beautiful from start to finish. As she was walking down the isle towards Jeremy, she had happy tears in her eyes and the biggest smile on her face. You could honestly see the love between these two just by the way they looked at each other! The reception was full of laughs and dancing, and of course the traditional cake cutting and bouquet/garter tossing. Touching speeches were made, and of course there was a fun sparkler exit! 

As the night was coming to a close, we congratulated this beautiful couple one last time and said our goodbyes. This whole experience is one we'll always remember and talk about for years to come; they truly left a mark on our hearts!