Wedding Photography Beginner Tips

Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners

As we all know, starting something new can be difficult... scary even, but no doubt you have come across countless videos and blogs to help keep your confidence and motivation for your craft at a steady upbeat pace.  Of course, you can also run across some that leave you wondering if it's even possible. 


whether you are a seasoned shooter who is about to take a dive into wedding photography to see what all the buzz is about, or a brand new photographer, whose passion for photographing weddings was there from the get go, we are here to give you 4 ways to bring up your confidence level and help make your leap into the world of wedding photography a great one!

1. Do Your Homework


You know... be prepared, rehearsed, at the ready, all systems go!  It seems menial to try to do work before something that is creative driven and service based, but you'd be surprised how much easier those things come when you you've done some prepwork.

For instance: check up on the event venues.

The best thing to do would be to go to the venue and check it out.  While it isn't a necessity, it sure can make a difference in your creative approach to your photography.  If you can't get to the venue (due to distance, timing, etc.) you can do some research and look into images and information regarding the location(s) you will be shooting.  Just doing a Google search for the venue will yield at least some sort of glimpse as to what you are getting yourself into on the wedding day! 

Get as much info from the bride and groom as possible.

This can be anything from-where are both of you getting ready, to which grandmother came from out of state and probably won't be coming back into town anytime soon.  You want to know everything you can about the couple and their aspirations for their big day.  You also need to know what the really important things are for them, so when crazy things happen or tight schedules give into whirlwind circumstances, you know what you need to skip and what you must nail at all costs!


2. Be Chatty With Your Couple

Set up phone calls or video chats or in person meetings and make sure you take notes!  You need to have enough conversations and meetings with the bride and groom to feel like they are your friends.  It is extremely important to make them feel like they know you and they are comfortable with you.  It will make such a difference for your day and for their day if they know you and your personality and are comfortable with you.  For instance: Brittany and I are always nice with everyone, but we are also a little sarcastic.  If the wedding couple doesn't know us; we have to hold some jokes in.. But if they do know us, it's that much more comfortable to be ourselves throughout the day which makes our work that much easier.  

It's definitely easier to get creative and get those "must have" shots if you can be yourself!

Another factor that comes into play between you and the wedding couple is the timeline.  The schedule of the day has a huge impact on the photography and how well you can manage to get the hots you need and the shots that they want.


3. Learn Learn Learn!

You have to understand, wedding photography is not as scary and hard as a lot of people make it out to be.  However, a lot of new photographers believe once they've shot a couple of pretty awesome pictures that they know everything they need to know.  But real professionals will tell you that they never stop learning!

So... in order to really succeed and become a better wedding photographer you can't go into it believing that you already know how to shoot and that all you need is a few pics for your wedding portfolio and you're "good to go'!

So what do you need to do?

Well, shoot shoot shoot!  No, I'm not saying spray and pray; that's extremely taboo and I don't believe it will make you better.  However, if you do more that just shoot the one or two shots that you think you need to get what is required, then there is a possibility of learning new things.  Sure, you'll get a lot of shots that will look like crap and aren't what you want.  but it's about learning from them.  What if of the four or five extra angles you tried you got an awesome looking shot out of?  Now you know something you might want to try next time!

4. Work Your Butt Off!

Sure!  It seems like a no brainer. But you'd be surprised at how many people whine about how hard it is.  And you just know that those people will never excel.  They will never reach the next level.  It really is hard work, but it doesn't have to be scary work if you just apply everything you have.  It all depends on how bad you really want to become a real wedding photography professional.