Destination Wedding Baltimore, MD

Carriage ride, Games, and a crabcake burger!

It was a beautiful, intimate ceremony in a small church, but after the ceremony the mother of the groom surprised them with a carriage ride from the church to the reception venue.  Neither the bride nor groom had any idea and they were smiling and waiving expecing it to go by and head somewhere else.. but it didn't! lol.  Of course when they offered for me to come along and shoot them, I had to oblige! I mean, I haven't been in a horse drawn carriage before, and figured it would be an awesome way to see the town.

The toasts by the parents were all hilarious and heartfelt (usually it's one or the other, or boring) 

During the reception, they played a game I hadn't seen before at a wedding party. They had their backs to each other and had to raise a shoe according to who they believed best matched the description For instance: "who spends the most money?", and they both raised the other person's shoe! lol

They also had the bride leave the room and put on a blindfold while the groom attached tape to different areas of himself, then she had to feel around and find each one.  

When it was time to eat, I was surprised when my 1st wedding in Baltimore included Maryland Blue Crab cake!  It was amazing and did not disappoint!!

We went outside to do some more couple formals and found an old phone booth (something else I hadn't seen) to shoot with them!

All in all it was a pretty fantastic destination wedding to Baltimore, MD!  I will definitely be going back!

Congratulations Gian and Eric!!