Christmas Eve Pensacola Beach Wedding

Pensacola Beach 

Such a beautiful time of year along the Gulf Coast of Florida!  To be fair, most of us locals hate that it's warm and muggy around Christmas time, instead of cold and winter-like.  However, a beach wedding is much easier to deal with during December than August by a long shot. It wasn't overcast, and yet still not too hot for wearing a dress and dress blues outside.

Wedding Photography

There was a surprising amount of people hanging out in the background for Christmas Eve.  It made for some fun figuring out the angles to get the least amount of scantily-clad onlookers as possible. And while it wasn't too hot to work, it was still extremely sunny, and that made for some harsh midday natural lighting scenarios.

The Wedding

They did a ceremonial foot washing before the actual wedding ceremony.  They weren't planning on seeing each other pre-ceremony, so there was a makeshift cloth wall put up to separate them.  The ceremony was beautiful! The awesome couple had children from previous marriages, and they were all up there while they were saying "I Do". It was awesome to see them all supporting their parents!


Millennium Falcon crashed into the cake, which was cut using a lightsaber knife;  Homemade cinnamon moonshine; Dancing... that's a reception done well!  However, it being Christmas Eve, the party patrons began dispersing after the main proceedings were over and before I knew it, it was time to go eat a big dinner with my family!