Pensacola Beach Bridal Shoot


Boy was it windy!  Brittany had to prop her pregnant self against the light stand to keep it from blowing down Pensacola beach!  I mean, we have fought hair and veils on the beach before, but this was no fitted sun dress... it was more like a parachute!

Even though the wind was rough, the sky more than made up for it.  It gave us a beautiful dance of color and clouds and made for a spectacular background!

Alexandria was awesome and a good sport in dealing with the wind and the wedding dress.  She even got in the water and played around in the heavy, salt water soaked dress.

Wedding Photoshoot Setup

On the light stand, we were using a monolight with a 36"beauty dish attached.  We used a high speed sync trigger to allow for exposing for the background using a higher shutter speed than would normally be available.

Photography Gear

I was using the Sony A7II camera body.  For the lenses, I changed between the Zeiss 1635, Zeiss 35 ƒ1.4, and the Sony 85 G Master.  The light was a Flashpoint RoveLight, and the Flashpoint R2 trigger/receiver allowed for seamless High Speed Sync shooting.  We were filming with the Sony A6300

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