Wedding Anniversary Engagement Shoot

Due to an unfortunate situation that left them unsatisfied with their wedding photos, they decided to have a little re-do in celebration of their 5 year wedding anniversary. We had the privilege of doing an engagement style shoot that included Dani getting back into her wedding dress! 

The first half of the evening took place in Shoreline Park in Gulf Breeze, simply on a fishing pier with a beautiful, beachy horizon in the distance. They were both dressed rather nicely, and I couldn't get over how adorable her outfit was! We then moved along to the shoreline, and captured them with beautiful sunset colors behind them. 

After the mosquitoes started to attack, we quickly got out of there and moved on to downtown Pensacola. Dani was then in her wedding dress and looked absolutely beautiful! We took advantage of the Christmas lights of course, which obviously gave off stunning bokeh in the background! 

Being able to capture the giggles and love between Dani and Chase after 5 years of marriage was truly special!

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