Niki and Taylor's Engagement Pensacola Florida

Having a Photography business in Pensacola, we do quite a few shoots in Downtown Pensacola, and more popularly, Pensacola Beach. What sets each shoot apart from one another, however, are the couples. 

As for Niki And Taylor, capturing their style and love for one another behind the lens at these beautiful locations was definitely a sight for sore eyes! 

We started out in Downtown Pensacola where we used the simplicity of park benches and giant white walls of historic buildings to our advantage to create beautiful, but rustic, city-like backdrops. Taylor had a sense of humor, which of course made Niki smile and laugh, and in turn gave us even more opportunities to catch candid moments of them just being with one another. 

We moved on to the beach where they continued to embrace each other so naturally. (Now, of course throughout the entirety of the shoot we gave them a little direction, but they made it all look so effortless!) And being at the foot of the water at sunset definitely made for some gorgeous and romantic pictures. We were also able to incorporate her parents and snap a few pictures of all them together! 

By the end of the session, we were confident and excited about what transpired behind the camera, and couldn't wait to show Niki and Taylor!

Let's just say we can't wait to photograph their Wedding in June! ;)

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