Wedding Photography Tips: The Engagement Shoot!

Wedding Photography Tips: The Engagement Shoot

Engagement Photography Sessions have quickly moved into becoming a staple for wedding couples. This type of shoot is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the couple, and to get them used to being in front of the camera!  It also enables you to play with poses and commands to see which ones work well, and which ones don't.

Have them interact!


For Engagement Sessions, posing should be less about getting them into perfectly styled positions and more about setting them up in a way that allows them to look well presented while naturally interacting with each other.  Give them instructions that will cause them to react; such as getting the groom-to-be to whisper something in her ear, or to just be silly with one another.



Tell a story

Usually, the main concerns of Portrait Sessions are location and poses.  However, you want an Engagement Session to tell a story of the couple.  This is most likely the last set of pictures they will have together before they are officially husband and wife, so not only use location backgrounds and poses, but also props and wardrobe changes to give people an idea on who they are as a couple.

Light em if you got em


Another big thing is to make sure that your couple doesn't get lost in the background.  While there are plenty of beautiful pictures with blown out skies, what better way to show off a couple than to have them properly lit and exposed, no matter the environment!

Location, Location, Location!


While most Portrait Photographers have their "go-to" spots for Portrait shoots, special consideration should be given to the places where engaged couples are being shot.  Try to find out if they have a special spot (or spots) where they met, or if they are wanting to shoot where they got engaged or are getting married.  They may leave the session locales to you, but be prepared to shoot new places if they don't.

If you don't feel that checking out a spot online will suffice, take a trip there so you can get a feel for the place and find out what the lighting will be like!