Hailey and Tyson; Pensacola, Florida Wedding

Sometimes you have unexpected situations pop up just before a wedding; a late bridesmaid, groomsmen are a little too tipsy, can't find the veil, etc. But here at this Gulf Coast wedding, a hurricane was on the brink! After moving the ceremony and all the decor indoors, everyone prepared for the big day, and for Hurricane Nate. Thankfully though, we ended up only having some rain, which actually worked out in our favor!

The Quality Inn surprised us for sure! It had a beautiful gazebo that was not in plain sight, but was a hidden gem in the courtyard that the hotel surrounded. We used that and the rain to our advantage, of course! The inside dining area was actually manipulated into the ceremony location, which turned out beautifully! The isle was lit with lanterns, which complimented the lattice work so romantically! 

Prior to the ceremony, we took a few snaps of the unbelievably cute Flower Girl in the Bride's shoes, per request. Let's just say she could've stolen the show! A little while after the ceremony and the reception had taken place, we took the Bride and Groom out to the gazebo where the rain worked in our favor and gave us some beautiful shots!

 All in all, a threat of a hurricane wasn't enough to keep this Bride and Groom from saying their "I Do's"!