New Orleans Wedding

Ceremony and Venue

Well, what can I say, this ceremony was fantastic!  It was so much fun to walk into an eclectic art show in a courtyard in the heart of the French Quarter and photograph two people getting married!  The officiant sounded more like a ringmaster than someone leading a wedding ceremony, which was awesome!  And close family and friends were all dressed to match the personality and theme of the wedding. 


The parade, or second line that was had for the couple was a perfect segway from cocktail hour to a full blown reception. They traipsed down the street and invited whoever would join in on the fun...and yes, there was a marching band in this parade...need I say more?


House of Blues New Orleans, dancing, po'boy, and a raspberry cake with goat cheese icing! 

The speeches were as funny as they were touching.  The groom got a little heavy handed on the cake when they were cutting the first slice, and knocked the cake off of the glass stand and broke the knife! But the cake came away unscathed, and another knife was close at hand to finish the job.

Lantern Release

What a send-off!  There was a little struggle getting them lit and going in the beginning, but everyones' perseverance paid off as the lanterns were drifting away to cap off the night.  Just beautiful!