Surprise Engagement at the Lighthouse

Inspire me... and we will create something beautiful!



Last weekend I had a surprise engagement shoot. While I knew it would be a fun experience and something me and my wife would really get into, I was also afraid of the not so desirable conditions in which we would be shooting it. Because of the timing and other issues around family involvement, there was no choice but to shoot just before noon, in the harshest of the harsh sunlight in Pensacola, Fl. He wanted to surprise her on the naval base with the lighthouse in the background. So I did some research... and dug up the realization that there really wasn't a great spot to shoot this... at all!

So, needless to say, I had my work cut out for me. I got there early and scouted, then decided that going all the way down to the bottom of the hill by the shoreline and using a 70200 zoomed in to compress the lighthouse toward them was the best thing to do for the surprise part. After that, I took them to a couple of other spots that, with a lot of work, seemed to turn out alright. Oh yeah, did I mention there was construction going on!

I used a monolight with a beauty dish for the rest of the shoot, and changed to an 85/14 for some closeups, and a 1635 to give them one grand shot of the whole thing from the front. For some closeup ring shots, I used the rotolight neo and switched between the 85 GM and a macro lens.

Having to work harder to get those great shots we strive for only fueled me to go that extra step.  And I enjoyed every minute of it!



Enough about me though.  While down at the beach, Jesse (groom-to-be) surprised Ashley (unknowing surprisee) with a phone call from her brother who is currently in Africa.  As she was trying to wrap her head around that, he asked her to marry him and wrapped a ring around her finger.  It was awesome. We were able to get in a mini couple shoot after the initial shock had worn off.