Trial of the 85 G Master Portrait Lens

Trial of the 85 G Master Portrait Lens

The G Master behaved beautifully. Looking at the monitor and watching the fall-off move so fluently across her face was breathtaking. 1.4, 1.7, 2.2 so crisp. 3.2?  just as you would expect from a lens of this caliber.  

Chris and Jackie's Wedding at Lee House Pensacola, Fl

Chris and Jackie's Wedding at Lee House Pensacola, Fl

Everything was handmaid by the bride and her helpers.  And they were beautiful!!  The color scheme was one of my favorites, and the theme played hand in hand with the venue and the feel of the ceremony.

Orange Beach Sunset Portrait Shoot

Inspire me...and we will create something beautiful!

It had been a while since I had visited Orange beach, and I was excited to check it out again, this in hand.  Jess Boring had just recently moved back to Pensacola, Fl, from Ohio, and had somehow graciously allowed me to use her as a model for a portrait shoot.  

We could not have gotten luckier with the sunset and clouds.  My goodness they were gorgeous!!  I used High Speed Sync capable triggers and a monolight with a beauty dish attatched,  It was a real testament to my asssistant/lightholder/wife that she was able to keep from blowing away holding what may as well have been a heavy wind catcher!  

Banks-Cox Wedding Pensacola Beach, Florida

Inspire Me...and we will create something beautiful!

The wedding

Cory and McKenzie's wedding was a blast to photograph!  Beautiful clear skies gave a great backdrop to the afternoon's festivities.  It was a small gathering of friends and family at Pensacola Beach, Florida.  Everyone was so outgoing and enthusiastic, it made it easy to feel right at home and capture their personalities!  McKenzie looked beautiful in her dress and Cory made good use of his "dress blues".  McKenzie's little nephew Colton tried vigorously to steal the show (he may have done it) and there was no shortage of playful antics to capture.


My favorite thing 

This shout out has to go to Cory. I love it when the groom gets that teenage boy with a crush look on their face!  From the moment he turned and saw McKenzie until they said goodbye to us, you could tell he was in awe of her.  The nervousness melted right off of his face and it was pure smile.