Fashion Portrait Photography in Pensacola, Fl

Having shot with Alexandria before and loving her, we were of course super stoked to be shooting with her again! Hilariously enough, we actually showed up in the same get up; black shirts, leather jackets, and pants. (Did we just become best friends?!) It's something I regret not getting a picture of, that's for sure!

We decided to go a little more on the delicate side for this rough, beachy setting. She brought her purple gown she wore to prom, which mixed well with her red hair and the greenery in the backdrop, and created extremely satisfying pops of color! The rather buff dude you see in the video who hoisted her up into the tree is her boyfriend, who was also kind enough to help out with the lights here and there. Over all, Alex is a complete rockstar and we can't wait to start planning our next shoot with her!




Let's dive a little into the technical side

I'm going to hand the reigns over to Adam for this part~

Again, donning Sony's A7RII, I slapped the 1635 Zeiss on and went to town!  Since it was about that dress and that background I needed to shoot wide because frankly, the shoreline was just behind me rendering me unable to back up at all! I used the Rovelight Monolight with a 33" beauty dish.  When we got to a spot a little further from the water, I threw the 85 G Master into the mix.  Once it got a little darker, we brought out our faves the rotolight neos!

The A7III was awesome for video.  It looks so good with the 35 Zeiss Distagon!  The focus was fantastic.  There is an obvious difference in video between the A7III with the 35/ 14 and the 6300 with the 1655 pancake that was on the gimbal.  The gimbal footage looked good movement-wise, but had no flexibility on the editing floor compared to the A7III.