Lighting Workshop in Pensacola Florida

Photography Lighting Techniques

We started out going over the initial camera settings that would be most beneficial for outdoor portrait photography.  We got the gear setup and proceeded to go over lighting exposure and placement with the subject between the camera and the sun.  We then moved to another spot where the sun was at a different angle to show the difference in crafting beautiful backlighting.

Since it is important to know how to light in different scenarios, we went into some shaded areas and lit the subjects to help accentuate them even with very diffused ambient light.

High speed sync ruled most of the shoot, with shutter speeds reaching 1/8000 to compensate for the extreme harshness of the Gulf Coast sun.  Even when we stepped into the shaded overhang area, we still kept the shutter above the max 1/250 for normal flash fire. 

Once we finished at the train station, we headed toward the beach to catch the sunset.  When we arrived, sunset was in full swing, which means the ambient light is constantly changing.  In order to combat this hindrance, we worked our exposure settings with haste!  It was great to show how to effectively light and expose for a constantly changing ambient light source!

I think we had way too much fun for something that is supposed to be work.  Yes, we were worn out, yes we busted tail to fit in as much as possible, but we could not help but laugh and joke throughout the day.  

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