Model Shoot At Maria's Vineyard


What a fantastic shoot!  

We were fortunate enough to be able to do a little shooting close to closing time at Maria's Vineyard in Dothan, AL.  Model Hannah Carroll came with her A-game despite having felt sick all day.  That ever-talented wife of mine helped me set up gear and we were ready.

I wanted to shoot looking down the row of vines that had the best view of clouds behind it. Donning a beautiful purple (actually blue and pink fibers woven together) evening gown, Hannah got into position and went to work.  She began twirling and flinging the train of her dress and we just kind of played with movement and poses.  We moved to a different row that was a little more grown in, and had some sunlight popping up near the end.  She asked me if I wanted her to do a walk... of course I did!  She was very good at changing poses in between shots, but also taking direction from me when I needed her to.

Now it was time for a wedding dress!  I brought two of my wedding dresses and she ended up picking the ballgown style.  We went back to the vines where we were able to get quite a few poses done quickly because Hannah knew what she was doing.  We were running out of time and hurried to move to a spot a little further down.  While we were shooting, Hannah's mother had noticed an iron bench and suggested doing the last few minutes of the shoot over there.  It was a good choice, because we got to make Hannah pull every last ounce of strength out of her abs to hold for a fantastic shot.


For lighting, I used a monolight on high speed sync with a beauty dish attached.  I was using high speed sync because i was shooting fast primes almost wide open and needed high shutter speeds to compensate.  I switched between the 35mm Zeiss and the 85mm G Master on my Sony A7II.  One location; two dresses; only 45 minutes of shoot time, but an amazing evening!

It was my first time using the 85 G Master on an actual shoot.  My blog about the 85/14 can be found here.

Model: Hannah Carroll  Assistant: Brittany Cotton