Hands-On Sony A6300 Review


There is no denying the impact Sony is having in the digital camera world.  They are answering all of the negative feedback and responses about their product line with gear that delivers knockout punches!  I am not affiliated with Sony and I am not a Sony fanboy! (I own an Xbox instead of a PS4) I had played around with a family members' Nikon D5300, and thought it was a great camera, but tons of research and videos led me to want to try out Sony's mirrorless line of cameras.

The first camera I bought was the Sony A6000, and I was no less than blown away with the capabilities of such a small, low-priced piece of equipment.  It completely out shined the Nikon APS-C equivalent in my opinion!  But not too long after the A6000 entered my life, I decided to go full-frame and purchased the Sony A7II.  Again, I was taken back by the raw power emitted by such a small device!  I eventually traded the A6000 for some full-frame lens upgrades for my A7II.

After a couple of months I needed to get a second body and decided I was going to get an E-mount crop sensor camera because I didn't have enough for the Sony A7RII after buying another lens.  So I had to think about what I really needed and do some research and decide what would be the best purchase for me both financially and for my photography business.


The A6300 sits smack dab in the middle of the A6000 and the A6500 price-wise.  So because it is twice the price of the A6000, it would need to be double the camera to be worth purchasing.  At $1000, the Sony A6300 moves out of the reach of pocket change for most people.  It requires a little more forethought before purchasing.  I can definitely say that the A6300 is worth the money.  I know that the benefits it gives me over the A6K are definitely enough to warrant the extra price tag!  

But why?



I feel it has the same "toss me around and drop me I'll be fine" workmanship that the A6K and the A7II have.  I did not ever have a problem with my A6K, have not had a problem with my A7II, and feel I will not have a problem with the A6300.  The A6300's body is composed entirely of magnesium alloy, while the A6000 only had it in the front section.  The waterproofing and dust proofing have been improved upon, and the lens connector has been reenforced.


Here is where we really answer the question of whether or not it is the right purchase.  When it boils down to it, It has got to be the right piece of gear for you and your photography! So, as for me and my photography, what I needed was something to have as a backup camera, something to stick another lens on and let me switch back and forth during crucial wedding day moments, and something to capture video that allowed me to use a wireless mic.

The A6K could handle the first two pretty well, but it had no input for an outside audio source, which was a deal breaker for me.  So add to that the better autofocus, the better ISO capabilities, and the higher dynamic range, and it is safe to say the A6300 was the better choice for me.  

But, soon after making that decision, Sony announced the A6500.  There are some great features being added to the A6500, and while I believe it is probably worth the money, I am not necessarily looking for those features, and I would rather put that $500 toward getting the full-frame A7RII.  The IBIS is great for video, but I just need someone to record my shoots, i'm not trying to make cinematic masterpieces.  And the touchscreen is awesome, but not really necessary for a camera I won't be shooting with primarily.


As I said above, I plan on using the A6300 for a second camera body and for videotaping shoots.  I have already used it for both and it has performed beautifully.  It is not a video camera by nature, but the A6300 shoots in true 4K and has a mic input for outside audio sources.  That was a huge selling point for me because I use a wireless mic system when recording shoots, and I wanted to upgrade the video quality from the "handycam" look!  As far as being my second camera body, the super fast autofocus comes in extremely handy during ceremonies and receptions.  

Not mine anymore!


Sony's electronic viewfinder and ease of use have made it easy for my wife to step in and do some second shooting with this camera!  She had been videotaping and had only used my A7II once or twice to mess a round with.  Still, she had no problems slipping the A6300 around her neck and getting to work shooting at a recent wedding we did in New Orleans.  The problem is, she has now claimed this camera for herself...

Technical Jargon:

Sony Feature Page

Some of the specifications of the A6300

4K movie recording with full pixel readout/no pixel binning, sensitivity range of ISO 100 to 51200, 24.2-megapixel Exmor® CMOS image sensor,  (425) phase-detection AF points, XGA OLED, 1.0 cm (0.39 type) electronic viewfinder (color), WiFi®/NFC/QR code for seamless, simple connections


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