Adam & Brittany Cotton

Your wedding photography team

Beautiful, fine-art images captured through an authentic, whimsical experience is the heart of what makes the A Cottontale Photography team unique. Adam’s eye and photography style is driven by a love for art and creativity while Brittany’s photo-journalistic intuition guarantees that no moment goes unnoticed.

We work together to curate their knowledge of the wedding industry so that your experience is even more than you could have imagined. Beyond capturing some of the most important moments of your life, we love to share our knowledge to help with scheduling and other tips throughout your planning process. Just think of us as your wedding-day fairy godparents!


Where the magic happens

Pensacola, Fl and the surrounding Gulf Coast is our primary service location.  However, we love to do destination work.  We have done weddings in Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Maryland, Washington D.C. and lower Florida, and look forward to traveling even more!


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